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DocuNav Solutions is a full-service provider and supports several verticals, including: health care, municipal government, business, financial services, government, and education. In 1997, Cody and Nadine Bettis established DocuNav Solutions. V.P. Imaging, Inc.'s (DBA—DocuNav Solutions) headquarters are in Plano, Texas. Cody Bettis is the President of the company, and Nadine Bettis is the Executive Officer. Since DocuNav's beginnings, the two owners remain actively involved with the company.

DocuNav recognizes that each company is unique. Customers require seamless integration with existing programs and databases they maintain. Because of the unique needs of each company, DocuNav has developed an extensive product line of in-house developed automation tools, further simplifying business processes. DocuNav has provided many customers with assistance in converting paper processes into efficient paperless solutions.

Laserfiche is implemented in more than 35,000 organizations worldwide. Laserfiche is the only electronic content management (ECM) vendor to obtain a joint Department of Defense (DoD) 5015.2 certification with Microsoft SharePoint 2010. Laserfiche is now certified against all five specifications of Australia's Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) Standard. Due to its rigorous testing process, VERS has become the worldwide standard on electronic data preservation. VERS specifies a standard format for electronic records that centers around reliability and authentic archiving. VERS certification includes tamper-proof security to guarantee electronic document integrity and digital signature support for both documents and briefcases.

As a Laserfiche professional development partner, DocuNav builds out-of-the-box integration tools that require no programming. DocuNav supports many of Laserfiche's largest enterprise implementations. DocuNav integrates Laserfiche to any existing application. DocuNav extends the user functionality of Laserfiche. DocuNav's automation tools offer the perfect complement to Laserfiche, truly creating a "complete" paperless office. DocuNav is the developer of the DocuNav and Realforms software solutions and offers certified software integrations, custom links, and custom applications. DocuNav's products streamline Laserfiche's deployment and integration by: automating filing and indexing processes; enabling interfaces to Laserfiche from GIS applications, ERP systems, human resources applications, financial management systems, and state databases.

DocuNav's Technical Support team has more than 35 years of experience. DocuNav's Technical Support team consists of senior developers, senior and intermediate technical analysts, and Laserfiche subject matter experts. DocuNav is Gold Level certified through Laserfiche. DocuNav's Technical Support team has the knowledge and expertise to assist each company in the configuration, support, and maintenance of the Laserfiche records management solution and integration with the district's current applications.